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Ponta sent mail to friend's Janis on Sunday of the good weather.
"I go for play from now." "I am looking forward to your coming."
But, there are many bad foxes, and it interrupts Ponta.
Will Ponta be able to reach it at last safely until favorite Janis?

How to play
Other operation
Character introduction
[Ponta] Ponta He is player. He changes to the Jizo[Jizo], and he rides in mud ship[ship].
[Janis] Janis She is a dog. She is a girl friend of Ponta.
[Fox] Fox He is the bad fox which always bullies Ponta. Let's be careful because He sometimes changes to the wall once in a while.
[Fireball] Fireball Let's try not to touch it because it is hot and it gets burned.
[Monkey] Monkey He throws the star weapon.
[Shark fin] Shark fin It is in the surface of the water. It is dangerous because it is sharply sharp.
[Leaf] Leaf Scores increase if it is taken.
[Wall] Wall A fox changes to it in a while.
[Goal] Goal It is a stage clearance if Ponta goes into this hole.
[Thorn] Thorn It is painful when Ponta touches it.
[Water] Water When Ponta falls, he rides in ship. However, let's be careful because it goes down soon and he is drowned.

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