[Normal] [Hard]

Left Right
<-, J, 4
Mouse click
->, L, 6
Mouse click
Sound on/off Pause Give up
Total top 100

How to play

Character introduction
[Ponta] Ponta Pretty racoon dog
[Fox] Fox He is enemy.
[Ghost] Ghost He is enemy too. He disappears when it passes a little.
[Leaf] Leaf A score increases.
[Item1] Jizo leaf Ponta changes completely into the Jizo.
[Item2] Balloon leaf Ponta changes completely into the balloon.
[Wall] Wall That can't pass.
[Block] Block It crush a fox or Ponta.
[Fox wall] Yellow wall A fox turns itself. When Ponta approaches it, it is returned to the fox.
[Tomb] Tomb A ghost comes out from there.


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